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Working Groups Pathobiology
Chairperson: Peter Riegman
The OECI Pathobiology working group has the task to standardise and harmonize the pathology in European cancer centers. In addition, it is seen as an important task to spread innovative knowledge amongst the pathology departments of the OECI members.

The program started with the implementation of TuBaFrost. TuBaFrost is a complete infrastructure for a European Tumor Tissue Bank ( http://www.tubafrost.org). The network was developed in a three-year fifth-framework program of the European Commission involving OECI members as participants as well as the EORTC and a Dutch law firm.

OECI members can now utilise this virtual tissue bank to share their frozen tumor tissue collections with the other OECI members and perhaps even with external institutes with the intention to stimulate cooperation through the build up of a sufficient critical mass for multi-center translational cancer research. Special care has been taken in the access rules including incentives for the collecting institutes. Governance over the samples as well as the samples stays at the collecting institute. The institute can decide using their normal procedures to join or reject a request from the network. It allows local negotiations on cooperation, co publication or compensation in costs.

Preparation next WGP meeting
WG Pathobiology: 24 & 25 October, Cluj, Romania - Structure and Genetics, the new Paradigm

Organized by OECI, with the generous support of Oncology Institute "Prof.Dr. Ion Chiricuta" - Cluj, Romania who will host the event, the workshop will be addressed to Pathobiologists, Molecular Diagnosis specialists and Biobank managers. The participation for OECI members is free, hotel and transport will be covered by participants directly.
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Lessons learned from the OECI Pathobiology Questionnaire

Workshop Program: "European Tissue Banking for Medical Research"
Rotterdam, March 29th and 30th 2007

Program Day 1 - Program Day 2

Tissue banks and networks of tissue banks are recognized as the fundamental resource for multi-center translational research. Rapid developments for co-operation and networks are needed in tissue banking to form the basis of future multi-center translational research. Due to different approaches in translational research also different models have been developed. Networks of repositories have the task to unite these different forms. The OECI has implemented International tissue banking in its program by taking up the TuBaFrost project.


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