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The 1st EACR-OECI Joint Training Course accreditated by ACOE

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OECI Past Events
Excellence in Oncology - Cutting edge findings into clinical practice
Athens 18th - 20th November 2010

For further information see the conference web site
OECI-ESO Course - Biobanking for Cancer Research: Rules and Roles
Bari 12th -13th November 2010

See the program
See the Presentations
International Symposium November 12th 2010, Amsterdam
“Trends and Developments in Survivorship Care“

The OECI symposium survivorship care after cancer has been be held in Amsterdam on November 12th, 2010. Two keynote speakers, Prof. Patricia A. Ganz and Prof. Melinda L. Irwin, gave a presentation on cancer survivorship care and the state of the art of physical rehabilitation in the US. In the afternoon different speakers presented best practices in their own countries.

See the program
For further information see the symposium web site
European Forum on Oncology 2010
Berlin 28th -29th October 2010

See the program
For further information see the web site
2nd Worlwide Innovative Networking Symposium dedicated to personalized cancer care.
Paris, 7-9th July 2010

See the program
For further information see the web site
Head and Neck Conformal Therapy and IMRT Course
Bucarest, 16-18th June 2010

See the invitation
Conference of the Romanian division of IAP "The pathobiology and molecular biology of tumors"
28-30 April, 2010 Cluj-Napoca Romania

Prof. Dr. Ion Chiruta Oncology Institute International Conference See the program
See the Abstract Book (about 18MB)
Cellular Oncology - New insights leading to clinical advancement
ISCO 2010 Congress - March 17-19 2010 - Dresden, Germany

IST organized event. Details on programme and speakers at the ISCO2010 website
Piperska / OECI Initiative Berlin February 18th 2010

Joint alliance between Piperska and European Cancer Initiative (OECI) to enhance the rational introduction of new cancer medicines including future personalised approaches

See the agenda
Hot Topics in molecular Imaging – TOPIM 2010 workshop, Bardonecchia, Italy, 7 to 12 February 2010

This year's HOT TOPIC is "IMAGING SYSTEMS BIOLOGY": An interdisciplinary and contemporary issue.
The international workshop organized by The European Society for Molecular Imaging – ESMI is the fourth in a series of annual seminars. The workshop concept is dealing with the difficulty in establishing good, direct communication between scientists, whether working in the same subject area or in interdisciplinary research. Scientists with common professional interests come together for a full week of intense discussion on the most advanced aspects in their field. This workshop provides valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the channels of communication in large scientific meetings.

The workshop was held in the former Olympic Village in Bardonecchia, Italy, February 7-12, 2010

Details on programme and speakers at the TOPIM2010 website

Contact: ESMI management office
Tel.: +49 221 478 87960 or +49 221 478 87244
mail: [email protected]
2nd annual Clinical Trials in Oncology conference, Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 December 2009, Munich Germany.

Conference Home Page
3rd International Cancer Control Congress, Cernobbio, Como, Italy , 8 to 11 November 2009.

Conference Home Page
PTCOG 48" - the 48th Annual Meeting of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG)

PTCOG 48 offered opportunity to share high-end technology and innovative radiotherapy combining medical, physical and biological expertise
The scientific committee has put together an impressive program reflecting the newest and hottest developments in the field of particle therapy. Renowned scientists from the USA, Asia and Europe have accepted our invitation to join us for this year’s meeting.

Key Aspects
  • Novel Clinical Concepts in Radiation Oncology
  • Radiation Biology of Particle Beams
  • Molecular Responses and Mechanisms
  • Radiochemotherapy
  • Biological Treatment Modification
  • Innovative Applications of Particle Beams
  • Dosimetry and Quality Assurance
Heidelberg (Germany), from September 28th - October 3rd, 2009

ECCO 15 - 34th ESMO Multidisciplinary Congress

The joint 15th Congress of the European CanCer Organisation and 34th Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology was held in the Internationale Congress Centrum Berlin (ICC Berlin), Berlin, Germany from Sunday 20 to Thursday 24 September 2009.

OECI Stand at ECCO 15 

The Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancers (HBOC) Meeting is designed in several sessions, beginning with a broad coverage of risk-assessment and preventive strategies, to be followed by defining the biology, refining unsolved clinical questions, and stimulating the testing of interventions in women at highest risk. Topics covered three general areas concerning women’s cancers: 1) epidemiology of familial cancers, 2) research on genetic aspects of these diseases, and 3) interventions, mostly clinical, that may be applied to prevent these cancers – including psychosocial aspects relevant to such interventions.

Bari (Italy), September 10-12, 2009

Exploitation of Research Outcomes towards Cancer Patients' Expectations

The meeting presented the results of successful projects in Belgium and Italy in the field of cancer translational research in line with the spirit of building the European Research Area. The aims of the conference are useful to improve human health, scientific discoveries must be translated into practical applications.

Bruxelles, 17 March 2009

Clinical introduction and evaluation of new anticancer drugs

Dear Clleagues,
There is a rapid development regarding identification of new targets for anticancer therapy and development of new anticancer agents. The increasing number of new registered anticancer agents with more specific actions causes frustration among payers. The role of the Comprehensive Cancer Center is to innovate the cancer care. Therefore a rational use of new anticancer agents is mandatory. The workshop will cover different aspects regarding introduction and evaluation of new cancer agents as well as development of personalized cancer medicine as the way to optimize cancer treatment. New potential collaboration will be discussed.
You are very welcome !
Ulrik Ringborg, MD, Ph.D.
Director of Cancer Center Karolinska
OECI Former President

Stockholm, 11 March 2009


OECI Dialogue with Representatives of Patients Organisations Workshop

How to improve communication between patient organisations and innovative, multidisciplinary cancer research ?

Friday, March 14th, 2008: Avignon

Organised with the support of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. and Institute Sainte Catherine, Avignon

Program and Information

Late effects of cancer treatments

Budapest, November 8th 2007

Program and Information

Accreditation Workshops : "2007 OECI training programme accreditation of european comprehensive cancer centres"

The objectives of the OECI accreditation project are to define consensual quality standards and criteria for European oncology and develop a tool for professionals enabling performances of the institutions to be assessed both internally plus externally. Our shared objectives are constant quality improvement, benchmarking and defence of the centre model within each country and through further European labelisation.

Budapest, November 10th 2007

Program and Information


Genova, May 28th 2007

Program and Information

Workshop Program: European Tissue Banking for Medical Research

Rotterdam, March 29th and 30th 2007

Program Day 1 - Program Day 2

Tissue banks and networks of tissue banks are recognized as the fundamental resource for multi-center translational research. Rapid developments for co-operation and networks are needed in tissue banking to form the basis of future multi-center translational research. Due to different approaches in translational research also different models have been developed. Networks of repositories have the task to unite these different forms. The OECI has implemented International tissue banking in its program by taking up the TuBaFrost project.


Tubafrost Qiagen Molecular-Medicine
Transfog Meeting, Innsbruck, March 12th and 15th 2007

The meeting was hosted by Innsbruck Medical University, Division of Molecular Pathophysiology Biocenter.
1st Accreditation Workshop, Villejuif, February 2nd 2007

The workshop was hosted by the Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France
Workshop Innovation, Stockholm, January 12th 2007

The workshop was hosted by the Karolinska University Hospital Solna, Stockholm.

In combating cancer, one of the most important concepts is innovation. Diagnostics, treatment and prevention must continuously improve by implementing new knowledge from research. Comprehensive cancer centers integrating research and education with health care have the optimized environments for innovation. Nevertheless, there is no well developed strategy to overcome present obstacles to increase transfer of new information from basic to clinical research as well as implement new research information into clinical practise. Therefore we plan a workshop to discuss the concept of innovation and what should be the specific role for the comprehensive cancer centres.

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Upcoming Events

  • 1st European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) – Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)
    Joint Training Course - “Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer” recommended 13 European CME credits by ACOE
    Amsterdam, March 7th – 9th 2011
    Course Web Site

  • Bilateral Meeting Organisation of European Cancer Institutes - American Association of Cancer Institutes
    “Organization of Comprehensiveness: comparison between OECI and AACI”
    Amsterdam, June 16th 2011

  • Scientific Conference OECI 2011
    “Organization of CCCs: the road map for innovation and the development of personalized cancer medicine”
    Amsterdam, June 17th 2011

  • OECI General Assembly (restricted to OECI Members and Associated Members)
    Amsterdam, June 18th 2011

    Hotel Porto Bay Falesia, Algarve
    September 27 to October 4, 2011

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