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The 1st EACR-OECI Joint Training Course accreditated by ACOE

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Workshop Accreditation: "2007 OECI training programme accreditation of european comprehensive cancer centres"
Genova, May 28th 2007

Program and Information

The objectives of the OECI accreditation project are to define consensual quality standards and criteria for European oncology and develop a tool for professionals enabling performances of the institutions to be assessed both internally plus externally. Our shared objectives are constant quality improvement, benchmarking and defence of the centre model within each country and through further European labelisation.

Through this project, we plan to develop a database of cancer centres describing in detail the infrastructures and human resources present in cancer centres in Europe in order to allow identification of the structures where accelerated development of innovative treatments or high quality clinical research is feasible. This process will increase the efficacy of cancer research and development and strengthen joint public private research in Europe for more competitive cancer research.

The final objective is also to foster policies that will provide clear and sound information for patients wishing to choose where they may obtain appropriate treatment throughout Europe.

The OECI accreditation project is now running the second pilot phase testing the experimental informatics tool on 4 volunteers Cancer Centres selected among the OECI members. In the meantime the OECI Accreditation WG and the OECI Training & Education WG decided to launch a first practical training course on the experimental tool to train the European Cancer Centres on the tool and to test the tool itself in order to verify some possible difficulties or misunderstanding in filling in the forms.

Undoubtly, there will be great opportunities of interactions with other centres interested in the “exercise” and therefore the course will help the OECI in preparing the next step of the project in order to present at the 2008 OECI General Assembly the final English version of the Accreditation tool.

The participants will also be introduced to the training activities linked with the auditors education.



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Upcoming Events

  • 1st European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) – Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)
    Joint Training Course - “Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer” recommended 13 European CME credits by ACOE
    Amsterdam, March 7th – 9th 2011
    Course Web Site

  • Bilateral Meeting Organisation of European Cancer Institutes - American Association of Cancer Institutes
    “Organization of Comprehensiveness: comparison between OECI and AACI”
    Amsterdam, June 16th 2011

  • Scientific Conference OECI 2011
    “Organization of CCCs: the road map for innovation and the development of personalized cancer medicine”
    Amsterdam, June 17th 2011

  • OECI General Assembly (restricted to OECI Members and Associated Members)
    Amsterdam, June 18th 2011

    Hotel Porto Bay Falesia, Algarve
    September 27 to October 4, 2011

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