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Working Groups Guidelines
Chairperson: Béatrice Fervers
Mission Statement:
  • The translation of pertinent research results into consistent patient-oriented strategies is a key endeavour of Cancer institutes to help improve cancer practices and patient outcomes.
The pertinent and timely translation of new knowledge is all the most important given the ever increasing body of cancer research results: over 6500 publication and 250 cancer clinical trials per month (vs. 1700 and 2-3 in 1970). It is estimated that overall 30-40% of patients do not receive treatment according to the best available evidence. Despite tangible improvements in diagnosis and treatments, survival rates differ markedly across European regions [Annals of Oncology 2007] demonstrating inequalities in cancer practices. Guidelines are important tools in an evidence-based approach to transfer new research results into cancer practice. Yet, although they have shown their capacity to improve clinical practice and outcome of patients with cancer, the effects are not as marked as could be hoped. Indeed, the development, updating and implementation of high quality guidelines that are effectively used require substantial time, expertise and resources. Less formal guideline entities such as hospitals and clinician groups can subsequently be overwhelmed by the requirements needed to create these tools To provide a collaborative response to the current challenges European Cancer Institutes have to face, the key goals of the guidelines working group are:
  • The improvement of the quality and efficiency of clinical practice guidelines
  • The reduction of unnecessary duplication of effort
  • The mutualisation of expertise among OECI members
Benefits foreseen by this working group toward the OECI community are the support for OECI members and their networks in delivering appropriate, high quality care to patients with cancer. In order to fulfil its aim, the working group guidelines participitates in international groups developing tools and activities of added value for OECI members (e.g.ADAPTE www.adapte.org and CoCanCPG www.cocancpg.eu). During the first semester of 2007, a survey has been performed (cf. pdf for main survey results) within OECI members with the objectives of:
  • Knowing about guideline activities of OECI members
  • Identifying the needs and scope of OECI guideline workshop
  • Refining the strategy of the Guideline working group
    • Identifying specific needs of OECI members
    • determining priorities
    • assessing training and information needs
The translation of the French guidelines is completed by the Fédération Nationale Des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer (FNCLCC).The goal is to enable their use at European level.

The 2nd BJC on SOR guidelines has now been published: Br J Cancer. 2003 Aug;Vol 89 Suppl 1 Abstracts and full text pdf can been accessed by clicking on this link

The content of this supplement (SOR guidelines and editorials) will also soon be published in the electronic journal of Oncology and be made available through its website: http://www.elecjoncol.org
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