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Workshop Program: European Tissue Banking for Medical Research
Rotterdam, March 29th and 30th 2007

Program Day 1 - Program Day 2
Tissue banks and networks of tissue banks are recognized as the fundamental resource for multi-center translational research. Rapid developments for co-operation and networks are needed in tissue banking to form the basis of future multi-center translational research. Due to different approaches in translational research also different models have been developed. Networks of repositories have the task to unite these different forms. The OECI has implemented International tissue banking in its program by taking up the TuBaFrost project.

To cover the costs we will need to ask an attendance fee for participation to the workshop: € 25 for OECI members, free for Molecular Medicine members, € 75 externals and € 150 for companies. During the evening of the 29th a dinner will be organized, participation fee is € 25 for the dinner. An invoice will be send after subscription via the website of MolMed: In case you want to participate in the dinner please indicate this in the free text field during subscription. A hotel will be recommended for your stay on the website.

The Workshop will start off with the considerations and evaluations a tissue resource manager will have to make before and during a high quality collection built up. Followed by showing results of successful research programs based on tissue collections from a variety of bio-repositories. Networks in different forms (National and International) will be discussed followed by the implications of joining a network, which are specified in the TuBaFrost infrastructure. This is topped by a presentation on the future perspectives. The workshop will deal with these topics divided in the following themes in logical order:

  • Challenges in Tissue Banking
  • Power of Tissue Banking for medical research
  • Networking Tissue Banks
  • TuBaFrost
  • Future perspectives
During lunch and drinks there will be the opportunity to shortly visit the lab to see a demonstration on snap freezing and storing tissues. In addition, commercial parties have been invited to give a presentation during lunch about useful tissue banking applications.

Organising committee:
Peter Riegman (Coordinator TuBaFrost Project, Chair OECI Pathobiology Group)
Ulrik Ringborg (Chair OECI)
Wolter Oosterhuis (Head of Pathology, Scientific Director Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine)
Frank van Vliet (Managing Director Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine)

Questions? Please call Frank van Vliet +31 10 4087518 or +31 6 54746408

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