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Welcome to OECI Members by the President, Professor Wim H. van Harten
The OECI is an organization of cancer institutes, aiming to improve the quality of cancer care and translational research in Europe from an organizational viewpoint. Although professionals such as physicians, nurses and researchers constitute the core of cancer care and research the importance of a smooth organization, efficient logistics and state of the art complex infrastructure is growing.
The OECI Mission Statement

The Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) A European Economic Interest Grouping
The OECI mission is to bring together the cancer research and care institutions of the EU in order to create a critical mass of expertise and competence with the view of building and maintaining a consensus on the best models of oncology, developing concrete affordable and realistic solutions to effectively combat cancer, and fostering the widest deployment of oncology models and solutions to improve the quality of life for the patients in the EU.
Strategic view OECI 2011-2014
Recent history.

The OECI was initiated in 1977 to promote cooperation among European Cancer Centers and research institutes and to improve the levels of expertise in those domains, and currently has 73 members.
In 2005 a merger was created between the OECI as representative of cancer institutes in Europe and the European Economic Interest Grouping, as the existence of two entities proved to be rather artificial and confusing for external partners. The merger however initially led to a reduction in the number of active members, as the membership fees increased and a lot of energy went into internal affairs such as adapting statutes. However, for a number of years now, membership has seen a gradual increase. In particular, the accreditation designation program which was formally launched in 2009 appeared to lead to new interest from potential members.

The OECI website is supported by EurocanPlatform under the dissemination activities foreseen to promote the OECI Working Groups involved in the E.C. Network of Excellence.
OECI is is partner of the TRAIN Project. For further information click here